Optimus keyboard loses color, possibly OLEDs

Some might remember the Optimus OLED keyboard, the brain-child of a Russian industrial design company known as Art Lebedev. The firm initially intended to outfit each one of the keyboard's keys with a color OLED display and to have an 11-key user-configurable keypad on the left side of the keyboard. However, as the Optimus keyboard gets closer to its release—or so Art Lebedev says—it seems to be progressively shedding its features. Art Lebedev decided to chop off the keyboard's 11 extra keys earlier this month, and now the firm says the so-called Optimus-103 keyboard will have black and white key displays. What's more, the firm says it's considering using simple FSTN LCD displays instead of the originally-advertised OLEDs.

Of course, while some may regret the missing features, slimming down the keyboard's functionality could allow Art Lebedev to sell it for a more affordable price. Considering the firm's three-key, OLED-based Optimus mini three keypad costs the equivalent of $130, making the Optimus-103 as cheap as possible is probably a good idea. Art Lebedev intends to start taking pre-orders for the keyboard on December 12, so pricing will undoubtedly be revealed by then. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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