TR Forum Tidings: Early Wii adopters

This month has seen the release of both Nintendo's Wii console and Sony's PlayStation 3. While the PS3 has been in very short supply, with some analysts even claim fewer than 200,000 consoles were available at launch, Nintendo has reportedly sold 600,000 Wiis already. Considering the Wii's success, it's no surprise that many of our forum gerbils have gotten their hands on the console. Gerbil veteran Hance, for one, has started a thread to brag about his Wii, and other forum members have joined in to relate their experiences with the console. The general consensus seems to be positive, although even those appreciative of the console concede that its graphics are somewhat lacking.

Have you managed to get your hands on a Wii, and if so, how do you feel about it? Is it as much fun as everyone says, or do you think it's overrated? Whatever your opinion, feel free to sign up for a forum account and join the discussion.

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