Seagate ups warranty for retail Maxtor drives

Although Seagate offers standard five-year warranty coverage across its entire line of internal hard drives, the company's Maxtor hard drives have until now been far less consistent. Maxtor consumer drives with retail packaging were previously covered for only one year, while the same drives sold in bulk carried three-year warranties. Seagate didn't seem to mind the latter, but the company has announced that it has now done away with inexplicably short warranties for retail-boxed Maxtor drives. All Maxtor retail drive kits purchased from October 1, 2006 onward now have three-year coverage, bringing them into line with their bulk counterparts.

This move isn't as groundbreaking as Seagate's decision to standardize on five-year warranties a couple of years back. Still, the move could put pressure on competitors like Western Digital who offer shorter warranties with their retail drives.

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