Adaptec launches new PCIe Serial ATA controllers

Much like Serial ATA DVD drives, PCI Express x1 cards are still somewhat of a rarity these days—despite the fact that most motherboards released within the past couple of years have included PCIe x1 slots. Some companies are slowly jumping onboard, though, and one of those is Adaptec. As EE Times reports, Adaptec has released a couple of new PCIe SATA controller cards that includes a x1 model. Dubbed 1220SA, the new PCIe x1 card features two Serial ATA ports with support for 300MB/s speeds, native command queuing, and RAID 0, 1, and JBOD. The card is launching at a relative pricey $75, but it should come in handy to those with older boards that are starved of SATA ports and have a pair of empty PCIe x1 slots.

Adaptec has also introduced a more expensive model designed for PCIe x4 interfaces, the 1430SA. This particular model has the same features as the 1220SA, but it adds a couple of SATA ports and support for RAID10 arrays. Its price is also higher at $125.

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