GeCube preps dual-chip Radeon X1650 XT card

Rumors leaked out last summer that HIS was preparing a card with two ATI RV570 graphics processors, the very same chips that eventually appeared in ATI's Radeon X1950 Pro. HIS has yet to announce such a product, but GeCube has announced a dual-GPU card based on the RV570's twin brother, the RV560. Dubbed X1650XT Gemini Twin 2, the card is more or less a Radeon X1650 XT CrossFire setup squeezed onto a single card. GeCube doesn't say how fast the card is clocked or how much memory it has, but the Radeon X1650 XT normally runs at 575MHz with 256MB of memory clocked at 675MHz.

Interestingly, GeCube has opted to outfit the X1650XT Gemini Twin 2 with four DVI outputs while sticking with a single-slot cooler. The card has two DMS59 ports that can connect up to a total of four DVI ports and drive as many as four displays. Thanks to X-bit labs for the tip.

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