Futuremark updates benchmark suite for Vista

With release candidate builds of Windows Vista out and about and the volume licensing version just one day away from being released, some users will probably be wanting to run benchmarks on the new operating system. For those folks, Futuremark has released updates for its two most recent benchmarks: 3DMark 2006 and PCMark 2005. The updates introduce official support for Windows Vista and also fix a number of miscellaneous bugs. The new versions are numbered 1.1.0 and 1.2.0, respectively, and they're available from the download page on Futuremark's site.

Aside from adding Vista support to 3DMark 2006 and PCMark 2005, Futuremark has also updated 3DMark 2005. This third update doesn't add Vista support, but it does fix some bugs and performance issues including looping problems and slow startup speeds.

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