Optimus-103 keyboard to cost $1,200

After announcing earlier this week that the Optimus-103 keyboard wouldn't have color key displays, Art Lebedev seems to have hammered yet another nail into the device's proverbial coffin. According to a post on the industrial design firm's blog, the Optimus-103 will become available for pre-order on December 12 for a cool $1,200. As if that price tag wasn't enough to repel potential buyers, the blog post then goes on to say that the keyboard won't actually ship until May 2007. On the upside, Art Lebedev intends to start taking more pre-orders at a sub-$1,000 price later in 2007 with a ship date set for September 2007. I guess we can't really blame the firm for pruning some of the keyboard's feature if it ends up costing over a grand even without color or extra configurable keys.
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