Rumors spread about future AMD RS690 chipsets

The folks at The Inquirer have come upon some information about AMD's upcoming RS690 series chipsets. AMD will supposedly introduce seven variants of the RS690 chipset, all of which will be built on 80nm process technology by ATI fab partners TSMC and UMC. These variants will include RS690M, RS690MC, and RS690T models for the mobile market, and RS690G, RS690, RD690, as well as RX690 offerings for the desktop. While The Inq doesn't say a whole lot about the purpose and features of each chipset, the site does mention that some of them will include a Radeon X700-class integrated graphics processor with four pixel shader units. Also on the feature list for some of the chipsets will be HDCP support with HDMI output for copy-protected high-definition video playback. The first RS690G-based motherboards are supposedly scheduled to hit stores next month.
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