news amd demos upcoming quad core 65nm processors

AMD demos upcoming quad-core, 65nm processors

To accompany the launch of its dual-dual-core Quad FX platform, AMD has decided to remind everyone that it also has some native quad-core processors in the works. For the first time since announcing the chips, the company has demonstrated a server built around four of its upcoming quad-core Opteron processors to analysts. The chips in question are based on the native quad-core “Barcelona” architecture, and they’re built on AMD’s 65nm silicon-on-insulator process technology. AMD claims that Barcelona offers an overall performance increase of around 70% and a floating-point performance increase of up to 40% compared to current dual-core Opterons—and all within the same power envelope.

As AMD has been saying for a while now, Barcelona is scheduled to make its grand entrance in the middle of next year. For those who can’t wait, AMD has also put together a video presentation that touts the chip’s merits.