Poll: How do you buy your games?

We omitted to update our poll last week, so it's about time we probed our trusty readers with a new topic. This week, we've decided to quiz you all on your preferred way of purchasing games. With Valve's Steam gaining popularity and third-party publishers jumping on the bandwagon, some might be inclined to buy digital downloads rather than retail boxed copies. However, online game distribution systems are susceptible to downtime and other problems to which physical copies are immune. So, with that in mind, what's your preference? Do you prefer the relative speed and ease of online distribution, or would you rather own an actual game disc and box? Feel free to go vote and let us know.

In our previous poll, we asked whether AMD should get rid of the ATI brand or whether it should continue to sell products labeled with the familiar red and white logo. Apparently, the idea of brand assimilation doesn't sit well with most of you. Of those who voted, a resounding 79% believe the ATI name should survive the AMD acquisition. On the other side of the fence, only 21% think AMD should do away with the brand, either to remove confusion or to hide a name some might perceive to have a poor reputation.

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