Asus announces Skype motherboards

After Skype headsets and Skype phones, the market for Skype-ready devices has entered some new territory: motherboards. Indeed, Asus has announced two Skype motherboards dubbed the M2N/TeleSky and P5B/TeleSky. Just like Asus' other M2N- and P5B-series offerings, the boards are designed for AMD Socket AM2 and Intel LGA775 processors, respectively. However, these models come bundled with Asus TA-CP400 adapters, allowing users to hook up a phone directly to their PC in order to make VoIP calls through Skype.

The adapters have two RJ11 ports, one for the user's phone and one that can be hooked up to a phone line. This allows users to receive both traditional PSTN calls and make Skype calls with their phone. The bundled adapter supports call waiting, three-way calls, speed-dialing, and each motherboard comes with 60 minutes of credit for Skype's SkypeOut service.

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