Movie studios demand tougher iTunes DRM

Apple launched its iTunes movie download service around two and a half months ago, but so far only movies from Disney and Disney-owned studios are available. The reason for this apparent scarceness is that Apple's copy protection measures have thus far failed to satisfy other studios, the Financial Times reports. Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and Warner Bros are all in talks with Apple, but they want the iPod maker to limit the number of devices to which users can transfer downloaded movies in order to quell piracy.

One movie studio executive in particular told the Financial Times that Apple needs to introduce a "new model" for movie downloads. He added that movie studios have more to lose from piracy than record labels because of the rising cost of blockbuster films. Of course, many blockbusters can easily break even from box office sales alone, so studios might not depend from DVD and movie download sales as much as they would like Apple—or others—to believe.

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