Microsoft tweaks WGA Notifications app

After receiving stark criticism over its Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications application, Microsoft has updated the software to tone down the "guilty until proven innocent" approach and better inform users about the program's purpose.
In addition to updated anti-piracy capabilities, this update incorporates and improved user installation and validation experience. First there is a new installation wizard (below) that provides more context and information on how the program works. Second the installation wizard offers the configuration of an autoupdate feature so as we release new versions of WGA Notifications that can detect the most current forms of counterfeiting that information can be updated automatically. The wizard also includes immediate results, and improved information for people who's systems don't pass genuine validation.
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Also, in the case that there is difficulty determining the state of the system a new result category is now possible that (in addition to genuine and non-genuine) lets users know if the validation result was indeterminate and provides them with resources to troubleshoot the problem and learn more about the results. Previously the validation process gave the benefit of the doubt in many cases.
The update is already available from Microsoft's website, but the company only intends to roll it out via Automatic Updates to systems running "four known compromised product keys" at first. The rollout will extend to other users over the coming weeks.
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