SiS announces new chipsets for Intel, AMD

Even though SiS has received little attention amidst the heated core logic battle between ATI, Intel, and Nvidia lately, the Taiwanese company has been hard at work on a new round of chipsets for both AMD and Intel processors. On the Intel side, SiS has launched new SiS671FX, SiS671, and SiS671DX desktop chipsets. The first two support Intel’s Core 2 Duo processors and include DirectX 9.0-compliant SiS Mirage 3 integrated graphics, to which the SiS671FX also adds HDTV video output. The SIS671DX, meanwhile, supports Core 2 Duo chips but has no integrated graphics. All three chipsets come with an SiS968 south bridge, which adds support for two PCI Express x1 slots (complementing each north bridge’s supported PCIe x16 slot) in addition to two 300MB/s Serial ATA ports with RAID, one ATA channel, and Gigabit Ethernet.

On the AMD side, SiS has only released one desktop chipset: the SiS771. This chipset is designed for AMD’s Socket AM2 processors, and like its Intel counterpart, it includes Mirage 3 integrated graphics. Also featured are support for a PCIe x16 slot, HDTV output, and an SiS966L south bridge that offers the same features as the SiS968 except for Gigabit Ethernet. Last, but not least, SiS has also introduced a mobile version of the SiS771 dubbed SiSM771, which is aimed at notebooks with AMD’s Turion 64 X2 dual-core chips.

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