Corsair intros 2GB DDR2 FB-DIMMs

The advent of Intel’s quad-core chips may have reduced the need for desktop users to invest in multi-processor systems, but workstation and server users are still just as eager to stick as many processor cores and as much memory as possible into their machines. For those users, Corsair has expanded its FB-DIMM memory lineup with a new 2GB DDR2-667 module, which it says will become available today. While this new module isn’t the first of its kind—other 2GB DDR2-667 FB-DIMMs are available from Kingston, Transcend, and Super Talent—it’s nice to have an additional choice.

2GB modules will allow some motherboards with Intel 5000-series chipsets to carry up to 32GB of RAM, and also enable users to reach the same memory densities with fewer modules than more prevalent 1GB sticks. This is important because FB-DIMM sticks each carry an Advanced Memory Buffer chip that draws around 5W of power. Hence, the fewer sticks, the lower the system’s power consumption—an important factor to consider for server racks and datacenters.

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