Hitachi unveils 100GB 1.8" hard drive

Seagate's CEO dropped hints earlier this year that his company would launch a 120GB 1.8" hard drive in the fourth quarter, but Hitachi might have beaten Seagate to the punch on breaking the 100GB barrier. The Japanese company has announced a 1.8" drive with a 100GB capacity dubbed MK1011GAH. The drive uses perpendicular recording technology to achieve its high storage density, which Hitachi says adds up to 240.8Mb/mm² (or 155.3Gb/in².) Other specs include a 4,200 RPM spindle speed, 15ms access time, and a 100MB/s interface. According to Hitachi, the drive will enter mass production in January 2007. Considering the MK1011GAH's size and its capacity, the drive could be bound for an upcoming iPod model—perhaps even the rumored Nvidia-powered iPod video that reports suggest will come out later next year. Thanks to Gizmodo for the tip.
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