TR issues amber alert for Quad FX parts

You might have missed our review of AMD's new Quad FX platform since it was nearly a day late, but our review isn't the only thing about Quad FX that's tardy. We've had no luck finding Quad FX processors and motherboards at online vendors, despite AMD's stated plans to make Quad FX kits available to DIYers as part of this product launch.

Concerned for the safety of these products, we contacted AMD to ask about their whereabouts. After some investigation, AMD told us that the hold-up is retail-boxed versions of the Asus L1N64-SLI WS motherboard, Quad FX's sole launch mobo. The CPUs are apparently ready, but vendors are awaiting motherboards to bundle with them in Quad FX kits. Those boards, they say, "are being shipping to North America as we speak." We will have to watch for availability of Quad FX kits at online vendors, but I get the impression it could take another week or two.

As proof of Quad FX's availability, AMD cites systems for sale at a number of relatively small PC makers. Conspicuously absent from the list are bigger fish like Dellienware, Voodoo HP, and Falcon Northwest, none of whom look to be offering Quad FX systems on their web sites at present.

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