Microsoft wants in on the $100 laptop

Even though Bill Gates has made derisive statements about the One Laptop Per Child project's $100 laptop in the past, Microsoft is still showing interest in the device. According to a report by VNUnet, the folks at Redmond want to put their Windows CE embedded operating system on the laptop, and Gates himself actually has a long-standing relationship with OLPC project founder Nicholas Negroponte. Negroponte told VNUnet, "I have known [Microsoft chairman] Bill Gates his entire adult life. We talk, we meet one-on-one, we discuss this project." He went on to say, "We put in an SD slot in the machine just for Bill. We didn't need it but the OLPC machines are at Microsoft right now, getting Windows put on them."

The first few test OLPC laptops arrived at MIT last month, and final systems are expected to be ready either later this month or early next year.

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