Nvidia's mobile Quadros gets a new top of the line

As rumors spread about eventual G80-based mobile graphics processors, Nvidia has added yet another G71-based GPU to its mobile Quadro FX lineup. Dubbed Quadro FX 3500M, the new GPU supplants the eight-month-old Quadro FX 2500M as Nvidia's top-of-the-line for workstation users on the go. Just like the Quadro FX 2500M, the new 3500M model comes with 512MB of GDDR3 memory that can pump out data at 38.4GB/s.

Nvidia doesn't reveal much about the GPU's specifications, but extrapolating from the company's spec sheet and the G71 graphics processor's characteristics, we think the new Quadro FX 3500M has a core clock speed of 470MHz and a memory clock speed of 1.2GHz. By contrast, we believe the Quadro FX 2500M has a slightly slower core clock of 450MHz and the same memory speed. Not much of a change there, although the speed boost does increase power consumption from 65W for the 2500M to 70W for the 3500M.

Always eager to adopt Nvidia's new products, Dell intends to make the Quadro FX 3500M available as an option in its Precision M90 notebook. Nvidia actually says the high-powered notebook already includes the new GPU, but Dell's website current lists the Quadro FX 2500M as the fastest available option.

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