AMD to enter top 10 semiconductor company club

Thanks to its acqusition of ATI, AMD will be propelled into the top 10 list of semiconductor manfuacturers this year. Market research firm iSuppli predicts that the company will have raked in a total of $7.47 billion in revenue this year, which would place it at number seven in the chart. In 2005, AMD had revenue of $3.9 billion and held the #15 spot, while ATI had sales of $2.2 billion. The top dog in the semiconductor manufacturer list is naturally still Intel, though. Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, STMicroelectronics, and Renesas Technology should take spots two through six. In eighth place just behind AMD will be Korean memory manufacturer Hynix, which is also expected to see a significant increase in revenue this year ($5.6 billion to $7.4 billion.) Hynix was in 11th place last year.
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