TR Forum Tidings: Favorite video players

It's no secret that many people simply aren't satisfied with Microsoft's Windows Media Player, often because they feel the need for a video player with either more features or a cleaner, more power user-friendly interface. This demand has sparked a good number of video players over the years, from classics like... er... Media Player Classic and VLC to more obscure applications only a handful of Linux users might have heard about.

Finding the right tool for the job can get a little overwhelming, though, so TR forum gerbil TheDVDMan has posted a thread in our general software forum where he asks what everyone's favorite video player is. Do you use one of the aforementioned, and if so, why? Or have you settled with a less popular choice for some reason or other? Whatever you use, feel free to hop into TheDVDMan's thread and give your input. If you don't have a forum account already, make sure you register one first.

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