ATI lost market share across the board in Q3

According to new numbers from Jon Peddie Research, the market wasn't kind to ATI in the third quarter of this year. While PC graphics shipments increased 5.2% from the second quarter overall, ATI's market share shrunk about 5%. The biggest drop for the red team was in the mobile segment, where its market share went down from 31% to 24%, while Nvidia's share jumped from 10.9% to 19%. The discrete mobile graphics processor market was especially unkind, seeing ATI's market share sink from 63% to 47%.

ATI's losses were less serious on the desktop overall, although the red team's share did go down from 26.3% to 22%. Nvidia, by contrast, grew its share just over one point to 25%. In the market for discrete desktop graphics cards, which doesn't include integrated graphics chipsets, ATI lost around five points dropping to 43%, while Nvidia climbed from 51.5% to 57%. Jon Peddie Research reckons ATI's poor performance might have something to do with the recently-completed merger with AMD. Of course, the red team already lost ground to Nvidia in the second quarter, long before the merger was announced in late July.

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