Intel, TSMC both working on 32nm process tech

Just as AMD launches its first processors based on 65nm process technology, DigiTimes has heard that both Intel and Taiwanese foundry TSMC are hard at work on their respective 32nm processes. It’s no secret that Intel plans to ship its first 45nm chips in the second half of next year, and TSMC has revealed that it may also roll out 45nm silicon in the same time frame. Looking further ahead, however, both companies have are already started work on the transition to 32nm process technology. Intel’s Technology Strategy Director Paolo A. Gargini told DigiTimes that Intel’s 32nm work is “in good shape.” Judging by a roadmap posted at IDF, Intel plans to ship its first 32nm chips some time in 2009 with a shrunk version of its upcoming “Nehalem” architecture dubbed Westmere.

TSMC, meanwhile, is reportedly “seeing breakthroughs” in its 32nm development, and DigiTimes says the foundry has already run tests on prototype 32nm wafers. TSMC didn’t reveal when it plans to start shipping 32nm chips commercially, though.

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