Dell pre-installs Vista for business customers

The volume license version of Windows Vista has only been out for a few days, but already Dell is offering to slap the new operating system on its PCs. As ComputerWeekly reports, the offer is available to businesses or corporations that have already entered a volume licensing agreement with Microsoft. Such organizations can send Dell their Windows Vista disc image, and the PC maker will take care of pre-installing it on any number of new machines. Of course, small businesses and consumers without volume license deals will have to wait until Vista's retail release on January 30, 2007 before they can buy machines with regular versions of the OS pre-installed.

Dell isn't the only one helping businesses switch over to Vista, though. On November 30, IBM announced new software designed to help speed up Vista deployment. Known as the Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment, the software reduces upgrade time to "less than a minute" and can "help organizations automatically install or upgrade operating systems on thousands of servers, laptops and desktop computers simultaneously," IBM claims. Lenovo, meanwhile, has updated its ThinkVantage software suite for Vista.

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