Kingston intros ‘fastest’ DDR2-1200 memory

As Corsair and OCZ are busy trying to one-up each other with the most extravagant memory cooling possible, Kingston has made a bid for the speed crown by launching some DDR2-1200 memory modules. Part of Kingston’s HyperX series, the modules are rated for a blazing-fast speed of 1.2GHz at latencies of 5-5-5-15 at 2.3-2.35V. The new HyperX memory is launching in 512MB and 1GB modules as well as 1GB and 2GB dual-channel kits, with recommended prices ranging from $139 to $525. Kingston has also introduced some slightly cheaper HyperX modules rated for 1.15GHz at the same latency and voltage settings. Those modules are only a few bucks cheaper, though: Kingston’s 2GB DDR2-1150 dual-channel kit is launching at $518, just $7 less than its DDR2-1200 counterpart.

Incidentally, Kingston’s press release contains a quote from “Reuven Soraya, director, chipset marketing, AMD” that says “Kingston’s new high frequency HyperX DDR2 9600’s (1.200 GHz) and 9200’s (1.150 GHz), in combination with AMD processors and chipsets take gaming to new levels of performance.” Reuven Soraya was director of ATI’s chipset business unit before the AMD-ATI merger, and his talk of “AMD processors and chipsets” certainly appears to give credence to rumors that AMD is planning to re-brand ATI chipsets.

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