Poll: The importance of a quiet PC

Low noise levels seem to be an increasingly important feature in PCs nowadays. The latest motherboards can adjust clock and processor fan speeds dynamically, companies like Dell and HP are selling pre-built PCs with BTX cases, and even Nvidia now takes care to outfit its fastest and most power-hungry graphics cards with whisper-quiet coolers.

All this attention paid to PC noise levels raises the question: just how much do people care? Are you one of those users who can spend a full weekend compulsively applying insulating foam pads and suspending hard drives to have the quietest computer possible, or do you let your fans run at full speed and just crank up AC/DC to shield yourself from the noise? That's what we're asking in our latest poll, so feel free to go over and vote.

Last week, we asked about your favored way of acquiring games. While Valve and some publishers are pushing online distribution systems, only 15% of those who voted prefer buying and downloading their games online. The biggest portion—69%, to be exact—would rather own good old boxed retail copies with game discs and manuals. The remaining 16% of our voters say they don't buy games at all.

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