OCZ to start making graphics cards again

After introducing its first power supplies two years ago, OCZ now plans to diversify further by jumping back into the graphics card market. Indeed, many moons ago, the company offered Nvidia-based graphics cards—we even reviewed one around five years back. According to The Inquirer, OCZ has now hooked up with Nvidia once again and plans to offer GeForce 8800-series graphics cards in the near future. The company will supposedly debut with bog-standard boards closely matched to Nvidia's reference design, but The Inq says more original efforts will come next year.

OCZ won't be the only memory manufacturer competing in the graphics card business. In the summer of 2004, Crucial launched a line of ATI Radeon cards that could be purchased straight from its website. The company still sells a number of ATI cards, from the Radeon 9600 SE to the Radeon X1900 XTX.

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