Willy revealed!

The guys at 2CPU.com have got their hands on what they're claiming are the web's first benchmarks from Intel's Pentium 4 processor. The source does seem a bit questionable. They write:
Well, since the Willamette is Intel's next MP supporting processor, I figured you guys (and gals) might be interested in some world exclusive benchmarks! That's right, we here at 2CPU.com have fallen into some benchmarks (with pictures) run on Intel's latest "yet-to-be-released" gem. The pictures and numbers included in the "preview" were sent to me from a bogus email address, but they appear to be VERY real. The author (obviously) wants to remain nameless, so we can only assume he has good reason."
Beyond that, my understanding it that the Willamette will not be multiprocessor capable. But hey, the pictures do make it look like somebody got their hands on the real deal.
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