Deal of the week: SATA DVD burning on the cheap

Affordable Serial ATA DVD burners have taken an awfully long time to arrive in the U.S., but Lite-On has finally (albeit quietly) released a new drive that offers SATA connectivity at a price that rivals that of IDE models. The new drive is dubbed SH-16A7S, and it's now available on Newegg in both bulk and retail versions at respective prices of $32.99 and $35.99. Both variants burn recordable DVDs at 16X, dual-layer recordable DVDs at 8X, DVD+RWs at 8X, and DVD-RWs at 6X. The retail version comes in a box with a copy of Nero Express, while the bulk version is just the bare drive.

Considering Intel is slowly but surely pushing to phase out IDE support from motherboards altogether, a Serial ATA DVD burner is a good investment since DVD burners are items that typically last through multiple upgrades. Besides, SATA allows for much neater cable management than IDE, and the drive should behave just like one of its IDE counterparts in recent motherboards that support IDE emulation mode for SATA drives.

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