TR reviews the Xeenon MP Shuttle II

Way back at the dawn of the Tech Report, we reviewed a very cool toy: Xeenon's MP Shuttle, an affordable and very competent in-car MP3 player (yep, they do exist). Since that time, Xeenon has been hard at work improving the Shuttle, and this thing has gotten even better.

How so? Killer new storage options, for one. From Andy's new Shuttle II review:

So what makes the Shuttle II different? Well, in place of the CD-ROM drive in the MP Shuttle I, there is a removable drive bay that can accept a 3.5" IDE hard drive. No hard drive is included; instead you purchase a hard drive of whatever size you feel you need, and load up the MP3's. It seems the Shuttle II works fine with drives up to at least 27 gigs in size. Even if that is the maximum size, that's over 41 CD-R's worth of MP3's.

Here's the best part: The Shuttle II's hard drive is housed in a drive caddy, and the package includes a drive bay for your computer. Slap the Shuttle's drive into your PC, and you can copy MP3s to and from it at will.

Sound appealing? Read the review for the skinny on one of the best in-car MP3 solutions we've seen.
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