Intel seeks more employees for GPU project

A round of job postings sparked rumors about Intel's plans in the graphics processor market about four months ago, and now the company appears to be seeking out additional staff for a mysterious Larrabee Development Group. According to this job posting on CareerBuilder, the Larrabee Development Group is located in Beaverton, Oregon and is "working on the next generation of leading-edge graphics technologies." The group is looking for "hardware graphics engineers and/or architects . . . in all aspects of graphics development. This includes component architecture, micro-architecture and performance simulation development."

The folks at The Register are convinced that the Larrabee Development Group is working on a high-end GPU that will compete directly with ATI's and Nvidia's finest. Not only that, but the site's sources say the project has gone from a mere attempt by Intel to cover all its bases to a full-scale effort, and that the company has already put together a "crack team" of graphics experts to this end. Some members of said team may be ex-3Dlabs employees who were reportedly snatched up by Intel following a mass exodus after 3Dlabs' decision to leave the workstation graphics market.

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