RV370 to be re-born as Radeon X1050

In an effort to push its older RV370 graphics processor in the low end, ATI plans to re-brand the chip as a Radeon X1050, HKEPC has heard. The RV370 currently resides in ATI's Radeon X300- and Radeon X550-series graphics cards, but ATI supposedly doesn't want users to think of the cards as older products. The RV370 isn't exactly a screamer, though: it includes four pixel shader processors, two vertex shader processors, a 128-bit memory interface, and DirectX 9 Shader Model 2.0 support. In its Radeon X1050 incarnation, the chip will run at 400MHz and be coupled with memory also running at 400MHz.

This move will be similar to Nvidia's re-christening of the NV44 chip. The NV44 was originally found in GeForce 6200 TurboCache graphics cards, but Nvidia re-introduced it as a GeForce 7100 GS in late August. The GeForce 7100 GS has four pixel shaders, three vertex shaders, a 333MHz core clock, and the ability to allocate system memory via PCI Express.

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