Site devises mouse benchmarking system

Even though mouse performance varies according to very specific parameters, mice have always been reviewed subjectively. Perhaps reviewers think "feel" is more important, or maybe they just never had time to try anything else. Either way, that wasn't good enough for ESReality's Sujoy Roy, who has come up with an elaborate benchmarking system for mice.

Sujoy gives more detail in the linked article, but the system basically involves a turntable rigged with a light sensor and a modified motor capable of over 300 revolutions per minute. Coupled with mouse response numbers obtained via DirectInput in Windows, the system allows Sujoy to measure the top speed a mouse is capable of reaching before it either stops accelerating or spazzes out, as well as that mouse's actual precision in dots per inch.

The resulting benchmarks are something to behold: no fewer than 17 mice are compared, and some are even run with overclocked USB ports. Overall, the overclocked Logitech MX500 comes out on top, with the Logitech MX518 as a close second.

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