TR Forum Tidings: non-graphics PCIe cards

PCI Express has quickly become the most common interface for desktop graphics cards, but other products like sound cards and wireless network cards are taking an awfully long time to switch over. Abit launched what it claims to be the world's first PCIe Wi-Fi card today, and that has prompted forum gerbil Flip-mode to post a thread in our General Hardware forum about the subject. Flip-mode is asking TR forum goers what other non-graphics PCIe cards they've spotted lately. So far, other gerbils have linked to a couple of PCIe x1 TV tuners from ATI and Compro, but what about you? There are definitely other non-VGA PCIe cards out there; have you spotted any? If so (or even if you'd rather lament about their scarceness), feel free to register a forum account if you don't already have one and join the discussion.
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