Intel PIII 1.13 ghz recall

AMD processors



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  • Lost Circuits' reviews MSI i815e Pro: pure performance
  • OCworkbench reviews SL 65JVB-X Apollo Pro 133A socket 370
  • hardCOREware reviews MSI KT7 Pro socket A
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  • Daily Radar interview with nVidia PR man Derek Perez
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ET phone home

  • AnandTech's covers Intel Bluetooth and HomeRF in depth
  • TechGear reviews Pentamedia Pent@vision (Europe's satellite internet)
  • The ins and outs of modems @Hexus

  • Hot Hardware reviews Quantum Atlas II 10K Ultra-160 SCSI 36gb
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Buyer's guides

  • 3D Spotlight's high-end PC buyer's guide
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Apple news

  • Apple finds its worm
  • Jobs says OS X on September 13

  • Ars Technica reviews Aqcess Qbe Cirrus (personal computing tablet)
  • Target PC reviews D-Link DSC-350 digital camera
  • Gaming in 3D reviews Abit SlotKET III
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  • PlanetHardware looks at Swiftech MC370-3 peltier cooler for socket 370 / A
  • The Tech Zone reviews hacked Promise Ultra 66
  • Website du jour: Microsoft Linux
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