Seagate maintains top spot in hard drive market

Research firm iSuppli has collected some numbers for shipments made in the hard drive market during the third quarter of this year, and Seagate is once again king of the hill. According to the numbers as relayed by The Inquirer, Seagate shipped 39.1 million drives and had a 34.3% market share in the third quarter, up from 33.6 million shipments and a 34.1% share in the second quarter. Western Digital remained in second place with a slight market share increase from 19.5% to 19.9%, while Hitachi secured the number three spot after climbing from 15.1% to 17.5%.

Overall, the hard drive market grew 15.7%; total shipments increased from 98.7 million in the second quarter to 114.1 million in the third. However, below the top three, Toshiba was the only player to enjoy market share growth (8.5% to 9.9%). Excelstor, Fujitsu, and Samsung all saw their slice of the pie decrease slightly.

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