ATI lost ground in the workstation market in Q3

Jon Peddie Research has put together some market share numbers for workstations in the third quarter of this year. According to those numbers, ATI has lost a fair amount of ground to Nvidia: the red team's workstation market share went from 24.4% in the second quarter to 19.1% in the third quarter. Nvidia, meanwhile, nabbed close to four-fifths of the workstation market in the third quarter with a 77.8% share, up from 72% in the second quarter.

Those numbers are similar to JPR's data for desktop and mobile graphics, where the research firm said ATI lost market share across the board in the third quarter. ATI's slice of the overall PC graphics market was 23% in Q3, down from 28% in Q2. In the same time period, Nvidia's share went up from 20% to 22%. Jon Peddie Research suggests ATI's losses in both sectors might have something to do with the AMD acquisition, although the firm does say in its workstation report that it's "too soon to tell."

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