Poll: How many IDE devices do you have left?

Cheap Serial ATA DVD burners have just begun to appear, and more companies are expected to start selling SATA DVD burners in the near future. Since most hard drives out there are available for SATA—and some exclusively so—users now finally have the opportunity to ditch IDE and ribbon cables altogether. With that in mind, just how many IDE drives do you have left in your machine? Would switching over to SATA entirely simply require you to throw out an old DVD drive, or do you still have a bunch of IDE hard drives holding you over? That's the subject of our new poll, so feel free to go over and vote.

In our last poll, we asked you about the importance of having a quiet PC. Unsurprisingly, most of those who voted would rather have a quiet machine, with 44% saying a quiet system is very important to them. 36% believe having a quiet PC is reasonably important, while 16% say reducing computer noise isn't a huge priority for them. Finally, 4% of our voters just don't care about having a noisy PC at all.

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