OCZ adds 720W modular power supply

Just over two months ago, OCZ introduced its first EvoStream power supply, a 600W PSU with completely modular cabling. Now, the company has struck again, this time with a 720W version of the same power supply. Both 600W and 720W EvoStream models have a total of four 12V rails with a maximum 15A of power output each. The 600W model limits total 12V output to 480W, though, so the 720W version might have a little more headroom on that front in order to allow for beefier graphics cards and more power-hungry processors. Otherwise, the new 720W EvoStream has the same features as its older brother, including active power factor correction, 75% efficiency, and cooling via a single 80mm fan. Both power supplies are covered under a three-year warranty.
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