news report says wii costs just 158 to manufacture

Report says Wii costs just $158 to manufacture

Whereas market research firm iSuppli calculated last month that the PlayStation 3 costs as much as $840 to produce, the picture may be quite a bit different on the Nintendo side of things. According to a report by Japan’s Toyo Keizai Online, the Wii’s production costs add up to a scant $158.30. The report compares that figure to the production cost for the 20GB PlayStation 3, which it says is $805.85—the same value quoted by iSuppli last month. The Toyo Keizai Online report goes on to say that the Wii’s wholesale price is $195.99, compared to $399.20 for the PlayStation 3.

If those figures are correct, it’s no wonder rumors are circulating that Nintendo plans to slash Wii prices in the near future. A Toys”R”Us manager told DPad yesterday that Nintendo will “re-launch” the Wii some time before or early after next spring. The console will reportedly become available in multiple colors, and its price will be cut to $200. Thanks to Engadget and Gizmodo for the links.

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