Hynix announces 60nm DDR2 modules

Samsung began mass-producing its first 1Gbit DDR2 memory chips using 80nm process technology four months ago, and now Hynix has announced plans to start selling a new family of products based on its 60nm 1Gbit DDR2 chips in the first half of next year. As DigiTimes reports, Hynix's new products will include unbuffered DDR2 memory modules clocked at 800MHz with 1GB or 2GB densities. Hynix expects its 60nm process to allow it to cut costs by up to 50% when compared to first-gen 80nm production, which should hopefully translate to lower prices for 2GB and 4GB DDR2-800 memory kits. The company also says its 60nm process will also allow it to cost-effectively produce registered DIMMs and FB-DIMMs with densities of 4GB and up. Registered 4GB modules are currently priced between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on their speed.
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