Ray tracing in games explored

Ronald already caught this in the Shortbread, but it's worth some extra attention. PC Perspective has posted an interesting article on the use of ray tracing as a rendering method in games. The article was written by Daniel Pohl, a German programmer who wrote real-time ray tracing 3D engines for both Quake 3 and Quake 4. Since no hardware accelerators exist to speed up ray tracing, the engines require a bunch of PCs hooked together in a local network to render playable frame rates at high resolutions. However, Pohl says the advent of multi-core processors coupled with the fact that ray tracing algorithms are easy to parallelize could mean real-time ray-traced games will be possible in the future. Pohl isn't the only one who thinks so, either. At IDF this fall, Intel touted the advantages of real-time ray tracing and said the technology was "the future for games."
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