Nvidia releases GeForce 8800 demos

As with every new generation of GeForce graphics cards, Nvidia has cooked up a handful of demos specifically designed to show off its new hardware. The company was a little late this time, but it has nonetheless made available three demos that demonstrate the GeForce 8800 series' graphics computing capabilities.

All available from Nvidia's NZone site, the demos are dubbed Adrianne, Box of Smoke, and Froggy. The first is a real-time rendition of model and actress Adrianne Curry that dynamically balances vertex and pixel shaders and sports a highly complex skin shader with 1,400 instructions per pixel. The Box of Smoke demo is just that—a glass box with smoke in it—but the twist is that the smoke's movements are calculated on the GPU itself. Finally, the Froggy demo lets users massage and pull a frog's skin to demonstrate the GeForce 8800 series' ability to balance vertex and pixel shaders.

All three demos require a GeForce 8800 GTS or GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card with Nvidia's latest ForceWare drivers.

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