Xbox 360 keyboard/mouse adapter available

Late last month, a small company called XCM unveiled a device that promised to let users plug regular PC keyboards and mice into their Xbox 360 consoles. Known as the 360 XFPS, the device in question was said to be coming "really soon," although no specific release date was given. Well, less than a month has passed, and the folks at Gizmodo have noticed that the 360 XFPS is now up for sale at the online store. The device costs $79.99, and the store says it'll ship in the first week of January.

XCM's 360 XFPS has two USB ports and two PS/2 ports, so it can accommodate either USB or PS/2 mice and keyboards. The device also has a PlayStation 2 controller port to allow users to play their favorite Xbox 360 games with the PS2 DualShock 2 controller.

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