• Firing Squad's Pentium 4 notes
  • AnandTech's fall IDF summary
  • HotHardware interviews Intel's George Alf about Pentium III 1.13 ghz recall

  • Gamers Depot reviews Thunderbird 1.1 ghz
  • Ace's Hardware presents K6-2+ optimization and performance guide

  • BXBoards' overclocking tips updated
  • BXBoards reviews MSI K7T Pro
  • gotapex? hosts i815e skirmish: Abit SE6 vs. Asus CUSL2
  • tbreak reviews AOpen AX3S Pro
  • Chick's Hardware reviews Azza PT-815TX i815
  • Beyond 3D reviews Asus CUSL2 i815e
  • OCworkbench reviews Gigabyte 7ZX socket A

  • Digit-Life's July 2000 3Digest
  • 3D Spotlight's Voodoo 5 5500 review
  • PlanetHardware shows how to install a video card

  • GamePC's SDRAM shootout: beyond 160 mhz
  • Hardware Central's Rambus video memory, a case study
  • Overclockers Australia compares KingMax PC133 v1.2 and PC150 SDRAM
X-Files: fight the future


Contests and giveaways

  • Electic Tech gives away D-Link DFE-910 home networking kit
  • Hypothermia's web-design contest

  • Tom's Hardware looks at DiamondMax 80
  • Tech Extreme's Office 10 preview
  • Burn This!.net reviews Hauppage WinTV-Go
  • Digital Web 3D's high end system guide part I
  • Overclockers Australia reviews Big Kahuna case
  • Gamecenter shows how to share an internet connection
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