eVGA, Nvidia hunt nForce 680i SATA problems

Last month, a number of users running motherboards based on Nvidia's new nForce 680i chipset began reporting problems with the boards' Serial ATA controller. The users said they were encountering inexplicable lockups and data corruption when using SATA drives. Earlier this week, eVGA and Nvidia released a beta BIOS update they said would fix the problem. Nvidia also shed some light on the issue in an interview with HardOCP, saying the problem lay not with the chipset but with signal timings on Nvidia-designed motherboards. (nForce 680i SLI boards designed by Nvidia are currently sold by eVGA and Biostar, while Asus makes its own 680i SLI boards.)

Three days have passed since the first update came out, and eVGA has now released a second BIOS update it says "further improves upon SATA compatibility." The release notes for the new update specify, "BIOS P23 Beta 1 was released to resolve a SATA instability related to signal timings. Additional testing has uncovered a second issue related to the use of NCQ. These fixes have been added to P23 BIOS Beta 2."

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