ATI to cut Radeon X1950 Pro, XT prices?

Word on the street is that ATI has opened up the design of its Radeon X1950 XT graphics card to its board partners. According to HKEPC, some of the partners have already sent customized versions of the card to ATI for validation, and those new cards should show up in the middle of next month. Few extra details seem to have seeped out, but HKEPC believes the new cards will be cheaper than current Radeon X1950 XT models.

Additionally, VR-Zone has heard that ATI has scrapped plans for a so-called Radeon X1950 GT graphics card, which would have launched at $169. If ATI did ditch the card, perhaps shrinking prices for Nvidia's GeForce 7900 GS had something to do with it. Nevertheless, VR-Zone expects the X1950 GT's demise plus the opening up of the X1950 XT's design to result in price drops for both the X1950 XT and the X1950 Pro.

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