Sapphire preps dual-GPU Radeon X1950 Pro

ATI's next-generation R600 graphics processor may be just weeks away—according to the latest rumors, anyhow—but that's not stopping Sapphire from conducting strange experiments with current-gen products. According to DailyTech, Sapphire is prepping a card that packs two RV570 graphics processors, making it equivalent to a Radeon X1950 Pro CrossFire setup crammed onto a single card.

Much like Nvidia's GeForce 7950 GX2, the card works just fine on motherboards without support for multiple GPUs. What's more, internal company memos supposedly say the card can be run in CrossFire mode with another identical card, producing what's essentially a "Quad CrossFire" setup. DailyTech doesn't say how Sapphire will handle driver support for such setups, though. Considering the mixed bag that is Quad SLI performance on the Nvidia side, putting four of the red team's GPUs together may not offer the best value. Regardless, Sapphire intends to show off the card at CES early next month and to have it out later in the first quarter of next year.

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