Laptops to be largest revenue source for PC makers

Notebooks have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and according to a report by eWeek, they will even generate more revenue than desktops starting in 2007. The report quotes numbers from financial services firm Merill Lynch that say notebook sales will make up 45.6% of revenue for companies in the PC market next year, while desktop sales will represent only 43.1%. This year, by contrast, the firm estimates that 41.6% of revenue will have come from notebooks and that 47% will have been generated from desktops. Six years ago, revenue from notebooks made up a paltry 25% of PC makers' income.

eWeek says the trend can be attributed to both higher margins in the notebook sector and, of course, to the increasing popularity of notebooks. By 2008, the Merill Lynch numbers suggest, notebooks could represent 44% of shipments in the PC market. Market research firm IDC doesn't expect notebook shipments to actually surpass desktop shipments until late 2008 or 2009, however.

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