AMD opens a new architecture lab

Shortly after unveiling its plans to move beyond the core race toward the end of the decade, AMD has announced that it is opening a new Advanced Architecture and Technology Lab in Redmond, Washington. AMD says the lab will focus on "technology and platform development beyond the five-year time horizon," and that AMD's Chief Architectural Officer and Corporate Fellow Rich Witek will spearhead the lab's efforts.

Witek was snatched up by AMD as part of the buyout of Alchemy, a semiconductor startup that developed a MIPS (Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages) architecture that would later be used in AMD's Alchemy line of low-power processors. Before Alchemy, Witek worked at DEC where—among other things—he was lead architect on the StrongARM processor and the first two Alpha processors. Witek himself holds a total of 22 patents related to CPU architecture and system design.

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